Orangery Tearoom Menu

We have an extensive breakfast and lunch plus there are often specials on the board.

We also have a large selection of homemade cakes for you to enjoy!!

Castle full English                                                             £8.95
2 Bacon, Sausage, Hash brown, Beans, Tomato
 Mushrooms & Toast
Omelette /one filling                                                        £5.95
Tomato, ham, cheese, onion, mushroom
Or bacon extra filling                                                       £1.50
Bacon Sandwich (+£1 for Baguette)                              £3.00     
Sausage sandwich (+£1 for Baguette)                           £3.00    
Egg on toast                                                                     £3.50
Beans on toast                                                                £3.50
Toast, butter & jam                                                         £2.50
Crumpet, Butter & jam                                                   £2.50
Light Bites / Starters
Homemade Soup of the Day                      
Served with Crusty Bread and Butter                           £4.95
Deep Fried Calamari
Served with side Salad, Homemade Tartar Sauce      £5.95     
Deep Fried Whitebait
Served with side Salad, Homemade Tartar Sauce      £5.95       
Tempura Prawns or vegetables                                    £5.95
Served with Salad garnish and sweet chilli sauce 
Pan Fried prawns
In a chilli butter with bread                                            £5.95
Caprese Salad
Salad of Mozzarella, tomatoes & basil                         £5.95
Grazing Platter                                               
Brie, cheddar, Parma ham, salami,                             for 1 £5.95
 Onion chutney, pickled onion, olives,                        for 2 £9.95
 Bread & coleslaw                                                 
Sandwiches & Baguettes
Sandwiches £5.95 Baguettes £6.95
Sandwiches & baguettes served with a Salad garnish & chips served.
Coronation Chicken                                                       
Egg Mayonnaise and Cress                                         
Home cooked Ham and Mustard                             
Tuna mayonnaise and cucumber                             
Vintage cheddar & Onion chutney                         
Bacon, Brie and Cranberry sauce                              
Sausage and Caramelised Onion                              
Home Roasted Beef, horseradish & Tomato       
Smoked Salmon, lettuce & lemon mayo
 Mozzarella, roasted pepper and Sundried tomato
Children’s menu
Tomato pasta (+£1 for cheese)                              £3.95
Chicken strips chips and Beans                             £4.95
Fish Fingers chips &peas                                        £4.95
Cheeseburger & chips                                            £4.95
Ham or Cheese sandwich with chips                    £4.95
Jacket potatoes
Served with salad and coleslaw
Coronation Chicken                                                             Egg Mayonnaise
Tuna mayonnaise
Chilli con carne
Vegetarian chilli
Cheese & beans
Main meals
Home cooked Ham, Egg & Chunky Chips                £7.50    
Risotto primavera                                                       £7.50
With green vegetables Onions and parmesan                     
Seafood risotto                                                           £9.95
With mussels, prawns & calamari
Home cooked chilli con carne                                  £7.50
 With rice (Vegan/vegetarian option available)   
Chicken in Mushroom & Tarragon sauce                £8.95
With Green beans & new potatoes 
Spaghetti Carbonara                                                  £7.95
With pancetta
Salmon wrapped in pancetta                                    £8.95
With Green beans & mashed potatoes
Macaroni Cheese                                                        £7.50
Side orders
Chips                                                                          £2.50 +   Cheese £1 
Side Salad                                                                  £2.50
Garlic Bread                                                              £2.50 +   Cheese £1
Olives & Bread                                                         £4.00
Sweet Treats
Selection of cakes                                                    £3.50
Ask your server for today’s choice
Cream tea                                                                 £4.95
Hot Beverages          
                                                           Regular            Large
Espresso                                            £2.15
Double Espresso                              £2.25
Mocha                                                £2.55                     £2.65
Americano                                         £2.20                     £2.35
Cappuccino                                       £2.55                     £2.65
Cafe Latte                                          £2.55                     £2.65
Hot Chocolate                                   £2.65                     £2.75
(Cream or Marshmallows)               £0.50 extra
Whitstable Castle Tea                     £2.05 per pot per person
Speciality Teas                                £2.25 per pot per person